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About us

Office of legal advisor has been arisen at 2015 in Poznań. Office guarantees its Clients highest standard of legal services. Office of legal advisor, in order to ensure highest level of legal services, applies not only specialized and thorough knowledge, but also rich experiences and significant creativeness in searching and applying convenient solutions. Acting taken by the office is lead by accuracy, meticulous care and timeliness.

Despite focusing on law cases, the office of legal advisor is perfectly familiar with the rules of leading business activity and has the awareness of significance, which for its leading have the legal issues. Thereby, the office still better adapts for needs of its Clients and still better fulfills all tasks, set for the office.

Leading its activeness, office of legal advisor creates deep business relations with its Clients.

Aiming at providing for Clients of the office highest level of services, office cooperates with highly-experienced representatives of other sectors, especially – tax advisors, accountants, legal translators, and other.

The main subject of activity lead by the office concentrates with law connected with leading a business activity, especially: economic law, civil law, commercial companies law, intellectual property law, real estates, labour law and competitive law. Practice areas of the office includes also representing of Clients in front of courts and authorities. Office provides services relating with other branches of law, especially connected with family law, inheritances and social insurances.

How can you contact with me?

Marcin Sieradzki

tel. 728 592 008


ul. Cytrynowa 67

60-185 Skórzewo

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