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Commercial companies law

Mediations and arbitrations



Commercial companies, M&A

Law office provides comprehensive legal advice in the field of commercial law, including in particular : the establishment , merger and division of companies, transactions of various types, such as joint ventures, reorganizations and restructuring of companies, mergers and acquisitions. The activities of the law office also includes the regulated sectors.

Real estates and properties

Law office gives customers full support in every aspect of real estate , especially in the analysis of the legal status of real estate, preparing and issuing opinions on sales contracts, leases/lease, construction contracts and contracts of a different nature. Activity Law Firm includes legal advice on property management. Moreover, the law firm provides legal assistance in obtaining various authorizations administrations within the scope related to real estate.

Intellectual property law

In the field of industrial property rights and intellectual property law, law firm provides to clients full legal services, especially in the preparation and the evaluated licensing agreements for the transfer of industrial property rights and intellectual property and obtaining and investigation of protection/rights in the event of their breach. The firm provides services such as registration, cancellations and other proceedings related to industrial property rights and intellectual property. Office, due to the current conditions, provides its services in particular with regard to the use of industrial property rights and intellectual property in the field of electronic.

Competitive law

Office of legal advisor provides legal services in all areas of Polish and European competition law and represents clients in proceedings before the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the courts of law. This includes conducting cases in the field of restrictive practices, abuse of dominant market position, concentration of entrepreneurs, public aid and the collective interests of consumers. Office of legal advisor advises on the antitrust control.

Labour law

The office of legal advisor provides advisory services for individual and collective labor law, and among other things: relief group and individual development of employee documentation, including employment contracts, non-competition agreements, management contracts and resolving labor disputes - including representation during litigation - issues of harassment and discrimination, change employers and systems of compensation and benefits. The office of legal advisor provides advisory services in the field of European employment law.

Litigation, mediation and arbitration.

The office of legal advisor has extensive experience in conducting litigation both before courts and administrative courts. Moreover, the office represents clients in mediation and arbitration courts.

Office, acting on behalf of clients, conducts the negotiations, aimed at non-judicial consideration of the existing disputes.

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